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Squirrel in the Eave Olive Branch

Do you think that you have a squirrel in the eave or in the attic? Have you heard scratching or rustling in the dormers or Soffit returns? Call Alpha Wildlife for a thorough inspection of your property. Olive Branch is susceptible to squirrels making large holes in the eave gaps of your dormer or attic. When squirrels get into the eave, they will look for a place to make a nest in your dormer or attic insulation. Removing squirrels in the eave is a very delicate process and not one to be taken lightly. Alpha Wildlife technicians are trained in handling the squirrel removal from your Olive Branch home. Call for a free estimate today!

Alpha Wildlife will take a humane approach in removing the squirrels from the eaves. You must be careful not to deter the squirrel from coming out of the eave or attic. If done improperly, the squirrels can die in your attic causing other issues for you. They can also make new holes if they are trapped inside, costing you more time and money. If there are baby squirrels in the eaves, it is always better to catch the adult squirrels first. Once the adult squirrels have been removed, our trained technicians will safely remove the baby squirrels from your Olive Branch home. Lastly, Alpha Wildlife will take the baby squirrels to a wildlife rehabilitator, where they will be properly cared for until they are ready to be released.

Squirrel in the Eave Olive Branch | Squirrel Inspections

Squirrels find their way into homes in search of a secluded, safe, and quiet place to give birth. The narrow nature of eave gaps is perfect for squirrels, as there is a smaller chance of predators sneaking up or harming them. The warmth and darkness are like the environment of a den. Most of the time they are just looking for a safe nesting place where their babies will be safe and dry. If you need any assistance removing the squirrels in the eaves or attic, Call Alpha Wildlife today!

Be proactive and hire a wildlife removal specialist from Alpha Wildlife Memphis to remove the squirrel for you before it causes major damage. Alpha Wildlife will inspect your home for entry points, set up traps, clean and sanitize the area, and seal the entry points. By doing the recommendations from the Alpha Wildlife technicians, you will have peace of mind that the squirrel in the eave is gone for good. 

Squirrel in the Eave Olive Branch | Squirrel Damage 

Unfortunately, if you see squirrels on your roof, there is a good possibility that the squirrels are chewing on your home and can be a problem. Squirrels don’t need much room to enter and will chew almost anything they come in contact with. Squirrels also leave a lot of waste in your insulation that can easily cause damage to dry wall. Leaving the Squirrels in the attic for a long period of time, can cause major damage. Whether it’s the insulation being ruined with urine, feces, etc. or its electrical wires being chewed on, the damage can be severe. Call Alpha Wildlife to handle the squirrel removal safely, humanely, and permanently.

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The First signs that people will generally experience with squirrels, is a quick running or scurrying in your attic, just as the sun rises. This noise will generally continue for a few hours in the morning and then again in the afternoon, just before the sun sets. Most squirrels will typically sleep in your attic at night because your attic has become their new home. Squirrels will normally chew a baseball size hole in your Soffits, Roofline, Eaves, etc. Once inside, they chew electrical wires, create insulation damage, and contaminate your attic and home with their feces and urine.

Squirrel Removal Olive Branch | Squirrel Diseases

It is possible for squirrels to carry parasites such as fleas, ticks, and more. This will make the squirrels potential carriers for diseases. They will leave lots of droppings in your home, which can expose you to health risks such as leptospirosis or salmonella.

To learn more about squirrel removal and prevention in Olive Branch follow us on Facebook , YouTube or Instagram. You can also call us at (901)305-4577. Our team is licensed and trained and will provide professional services with exemplary customer service.

Squirrel Removal Olive Branch | Humane Squirrel Removal

Alpha Wildlife memphis - Squirrel Trapping Services

While many homeowners feel confident that they can address the situation by themselves, they oftentimes do not fix the entire issue at hand. Multiple home remedies have been attempted, such as leaving the light on in the attic, installing a strobe light, sprinkling cayenne pepper, and bleach. Ultimately, when you get tired of trying these old wives tale remedies, call the squirrel removal experts at (901) 305-4577.

Our trained technicians will inspect your home for entry points, set up traps, clean and sanitize the area, seal the entry, and discuss squirrel prevention. We will also take the squirrels to a safer environment. Here are just a few of the item’s we will cover:

  • Home inspection to find entry hole(s)
  • Remove babies by hand and set up traps
  • Trap adult squirrels in humane manner
  • Seal entry holes after removal
  • Clean & sanitize the attic, remove feces, nesting, material, food, hair, etc. and spray with an enzyme cleaner
  • Remove soiled insulation & replace with new insulation

Squirrel Removal Memphis | Alpha Wildlife

squirrel trapping service MemphisMake sure to choose the Memphis wildlife removal experts you can count on – Alpha Wildlife! To learn more about wildlife removal and prevention in the Memphis, TN area, follow us on Facebook or YouTube or call us at (901) 305-4577. Contact our squirrel removal experts to remove squirrels in attics, walls, roofs/soffits, crawl spaces and chimneys along with their habits.

Alpha Wildlife offers squirrel removal in the greater Memphis, TN area, including Germantown Arlington, Bartlett, Collierville, Cordova, Lakeland, OaklandSouthavenHernandoOlive BranchLewisburg and all surrounding areas.